Cult of the Nine

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    Cult of the Nine Empty Cult of the Nine

    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 11:54 am

    The Cult of the Nine
    The Devil-Pacted
    Cult of the Nine Pact%20mage%20dagger

    Races: Any Race
    Classes: Any, though Warlocks and Clerics to an archdevil
    Alignments: Any Evil or Neutral
    Deities of worship: Archdevils of the Nine Hells
    Enemies: The Holy Covenant, much of Bryn Duraz, the Druid's Circle and those who resent Pact-Mages
    Allies: None


    The Cult of the Nine is a group of followers and believers who worship the devils of the Nine Hells. They range in race from Elves to Dwarves but mainly consist of Humans.

    Hidden from the public eye of Threshold in their underground temple, the Cult of the Nine operates in the shadows, furthering the agenda of devils - specifically, corrupting souls to fuel their power. Those already of the Lawful Evil alignment are of little concern to the Cult, leading them to focus on the corruption of Bryn Duraz and the Onyx Cove.

    With promises of power and fortune, many befall their corruption - only aiding to the influence of the Cult on the Isles of the Raveners.

    Rank Structure

    The Cult of the Nine's leader is elected, generally from the group. A recommendation from a devil; however, can greatly influence just who comes to power. The right of leadership can be called into question at any time, where all members must place a vote for who they believe should lead. The votes of all members must be accounted for and a three fourths vote decides the new leader. If a three fourths is not reached, the leader stays the same.

    Generally, the cult is divided into branches, with the highest-ranking member leading each one. The leader of the cult oversees these branches as well.

    Leader of the Cult

    1. Lord / Lady

    Warlock Ranks

    1. Devilsworn
    2. Warlock
    3. Pact Acolyte

    Clergy and Warrior Branch Ranks

    1. Hellknight
    2. Devil-enforcer
    3. Imp

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