The Threshold of Dominion

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    The Threshold of Dominion Empty The Threshold of Dominion

    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 11:38 am

    The Threshold of Dominion
    Where Evil Reigns Supreme

    The Threshold of Dominion Sunlit-james-strehle-275749861d

    City Alignment: Lawful Evil
    City Layout: The City is divided into four sectors: the port, the market, the upper class and the slums.
    Factions: The Black Network (Zhentarim and the Church of Bane), The Sovereignty of Thay (Red Wizards), The Cult of the Nine, and the The Iron Aegis
    Prominent Religions: Bane, Loviatar, Kossuth, Mask, Velsharoon, Malar, Asmodeus, and Umberlee
    Races Allowed:  All but Drow and Yuan-Ti
    Ruler: The High Priestess of the Banite Clergy
    Target Level: Starter Hub


    Originally little more than crash site of a trade company in 1335 DR, this foggy port-city has since grown into a center of trade - as well as a haven for methodical evil.

    Few cities see the amount of trade Threshold does: with the tales of the artifacts of the Raveners, and the power they bring, traders from all across the realms have made way to this port city - mostly to make their claims to fortune. Others; however, have used the tales as a call to adventure.

    With this influx in traffic, the city saw massive growth during only a few decades, especially when word spread in the 1350s, when the storm around the isle finally died out. Since then, the city has grown to a massive scale, rivaling some of the largest throughout Faeraun.

    Most notable influx of traffic; however, are those that see the artifacts of the Raveners as a means to further their power: their influence is seen throughout the city. Zhentarim guards and patrols keep the trade city in order, the Thayan Enclave stands above most other structures, and the tales of a cult - along with a guild of assassins - are not far from one's ear.


    Allies of the City:

    1. The Church of Bane
    2. The Zhentarim
    3. The Sovereignty of Thay (Red Wizards)
    4. The Iron Aegis
    5. The Four Sails Trading Company

    Neutral with the City

    1. The Cult of the Nine
    2. The Rampart

    Hostile to the City

    1. Bryn Duraz
    2. The Onyx Cove

    Banned from the City

    By declaration of the High Priestess of Bane, with the backing of affiliated factions to the Zhentarim, the following persons are hereby forbidden from entering the city:

    1. All Drow
    2. All Half-Drow
    3. All Yuan-ti
    4. All affiliates of the Dwarves of Bryn Duraz

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