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    Bryn Duraz Empty Bryn Duraz

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    Bryn Duraz
    The Brilliant Stone

    Bryn Duraz Sunlit-james-strehle-31506350ff

    City Alignment: Neutral Good
    City Layout: N/A
    Factions: The Stone Anvil Circle, The Holy Covenant, The Keepers of the Illuminated Archive, and Tel'Corteu
    Primary Religions: The Dwarven Pantheon, the Seldarine, Chauntea, Helm, Ilmater, Kelemvor, Mystra, Torm and Tyr
    Races Allowed: All but Drow, Yuan-Yi, and full-blooded Orcs (Half-Orcs are allowed)
    Ruler: The Thane of Bryn Duraz
    Target Level: Starter Hub


    Built near the peak of a mountain and shining like a brilliant stone, Bryn Duraz is a fortress city that is not terribly old. Completed only a decade ago, it still retains its brand-new look despite the ever-encroaching Wildwood nearby.

    Bryn Duraz is governed by council with five members, each acting as a representative from each of the ruling Dwarven clans. This council, and the respective clans' extended membership, make up the Stone Anvil Circle. The council handles all matters involving Bryn Duraz, from diplomacy to overseeing the city guard. The council elects from their group one dwarf to lead them all, acting as a figurehead and spokesperson for the city. While the rest of the council members are generally addressed as "Lord" or "Lady", this leader is addressed as the "Thane".

    The city's population is mostly Dwarven, though there are a number of humans that have taken up residence behind its safe walls - as well as an entire district for the ever-growing Elven population, although they are generally looked upon with suspicion due to their close work with magic. Every time something bad happens in or around Bryn Duraz, its origin is surmised to be somehow magic-related - even the problems with the Wildwood are blamed on arcane magic. Magic and its users are not banned from the city, and even the city guard employs some wizards, but the clans have more or less unanimously agreed that "Elven Magic" is a problem, not the solution.

    The elves in the city, even those who do not practice magic, disagree. This constant friction between the Dwarves and Elves causes constant tension within the city. The elves chafe under the constant watchful eyes of the city guard and constantly defend their Art from the Dwarves' "ignorant slander" (as many elves put it), while the Dwarves fear that someday their kindness will backfire upon them and put the city at risk. The tension may be low-key most of the times, but the occasional argument explodes on the streets or in the tavern.

    Bryn Duraz is considered by many on the isle as one of the better places to live, even with this magic-related tension. Its gates are open to all law-abiding folks, and its residents are generally of a good and friendly nature. Worship of the Dwarven pantheon, the Seldarine, and various other deities is strongly supported in Bryn Duraz, with the city supporting three large temples dedicated to the various divine entities of those pantheons.

    Diplomacy with the ruling clans of the city is generally straightforward, and the full council convenes on a regular basis to handle whatever matters come up. Diplomacy is a tricky thing, and relations between groups can change at any time.


    Allies of the City:

    1. The Stone Anvil Circle
    2. The Holy Covenant
    3. The Keepers of the Illuminated Archive
    4. Tel'Corteu

    Neutral with the City

    1. The Druid's Circle
    2. The Rampart

    Hostile to the City

    1. The Threshold of Dominion
    2. The Iron Aegis
    3. The Sovereignty of Thay
    4. The Black Network
    5. The Onyx Cove
    6. The Cult of the Nine

    Banned from the City

    By declaration of the Council of Bryn Duraz, with the backing of the Stone Anvil Circle, the following persons are hereby forbidden from entering the city:

    1. All Drow
    2. All Half-Drow
    3. All full-blooded Orcs (half-orcs are allowed)
    4. All Yuan-ti
    5. All affiliates of Threshold
    6. All affiliates of Onyx Cove
    7. All Warlocks and pact-mages, regardless of pact origin.
    8. All followers of Cyric, Bane, Shar, Malar, Talos, Auril, and Umberlee

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