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    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 11:28 am

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    See those pretty hearts? They're all for you. Very Happy

    Anyway, I'm DM Felicity. I'm the one that started the project from the ground up and am currently sitting in the Head DM position.

    I'm the one responsible for making sure a team of dedicated DMs create interesting plots for you to respond to, give you room to shift the event as you are involved in it, entertain you, make the experience enjoyable and - most importantly - give you room to change the world.

    While this last claim is huge, and most servers do not stick to it, I want you to understand I will give you room to change the world as is reasonable. For example, want to burn a town down? That is fine, our team of developers just has to build a destroyed version of the town first - which can take a lot of time. Ergo, because of that, I will likely shift my focus on events where large groups can change the setting. This way, our development team does not get overworked and the playerbase has as many as can be involved in the change.

    As a person whose career is in storytelling, I can not understate the importance of a dynamic world. In all stories, staticness is blandness. The story does not progress and things are just not interesting. Ergo, I want you to fully understand I will push for a world that can change by your influence, even it if requires a plethora of work from this team. A good story, after all, is what it's all about. Smile

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