Isles of the Raveners and the Forgotten Realms

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    Isles of the Raveners and the Forgotten Realms Empty Isles of the Raveners and the Forgotten Realms

    Post by DM Felicity on September 5th 2014, 6:51 pm

    The Isles of the Raveners
    The Story and How it Fits into the Forgotten Realms

    I. The Story

    It is a series of islands shrouded in mystery. Those that craved power found it here -- and they found it in troves. It was 1350 DR that the all-consuming storm faded, allowing travel to the islands. It was then that the artifacts were found -- those left behind by the Raveners -- that started a flood to the island.

    Currently, little is known about the Raveners. Scholars on the island have only just begun to translate their ancient language. From the various artifacts on the island, all currently agree that the society had arcane knowledge and power rivaling that of the Netheril empire. This tidbit of information is what has drawn so many to the island, spreading like wild-fire throughout the Forgotten Realms.

    What scholars do agree on, however, is the Raveners held some kind of high regard for dragons, due to the numerous drawings and depictions of them throughout their ruins.

    II. The Forgotten Realms

    The Isles of the Raveners is within the 3.5e Forgotten Realms setting -- but in a custom location. While our server follows all official lore up to 1373 DR, the island our server is on will not appear on any official map of Faerun.

    This was done to make our server inclusive of all of Faerun’s major factions and faiths – and to not have any official lore our server would have to stick to, to keep it relevant to people’s expectations of a setting. We wanted our server to be able to change.

    To make our custom setting interesting, we have developed custom lore for the past and present condition of the isles, its inhabitants, and its locations. This does not mean, however, that we are going to disregard the official Forgotten Realms lore. The Isles of the Raveners follows the D&D 3.5e ruleset and Forgotten Realms official lore for everything that pertains to the world outside the Isles and anything that our own lore hasn't touched on already.

    Please note that at launch, the year on the Isles of the Raveners will be 1373 DR. This means that we are following pre-Spellplague lore. The Spellplague happens in 1385 DR.

    Since we are following 3.5e and the Spellplague has not yet happened, take note of the following bits of lore:

    1. Mystra, Tyr, Helm, and the Mulhorandi pantheon are alive.
    2. Eilistraee is still alive (by lore, her death is in 1379).
    3. Azuth still resides in Dweomerheart.
    4. Asmodeus is not a god.
    5. Hoar is not an exarch of Bane.
    6. Faerun retains its pre-1385 landscape. Mulhorand, Unther, Halruaa, and The Shaar still exist. Chult is not an island. Luiren is still above sea level, as is Var the Golden. Lantan and its culture still exist.
    7. Deep Imaskari and their empire do not exist. Tymanther does not exist. The Underchasm has not been created.
    8. The Weave and the overall structure of magic are still intact.

    III. How Your Character Fits In

    You don't need to read up much of any of our official lore, unless you want to RP a native to the island. Your character can come from anywhere from the Forgotten Realms -- and they likely came here for rumours of treasure and wealth.

    We just suggest you glance over the server hubs, to get a sense of where your character would fit in best. From there, you can learn more about the island through in-character roleplay. Smile

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