Bio/description of Ravossel Megil'Rangui

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    Bio/description of Ravossel Megil'Rangui Empty Bio/description of Ravossel Megil'Rangui

    Post by Aidan Airna on October 17th 2014, 5:16 pm

    In game log in name: Casey

    Bio/description of Ravossel
    Name: Ravossel Megil'Rangui, younger sister of Paetor Megil'Rangui  
    love: female
    Race: moon elf
    Classes: Druid/ninja
    Age: 126 elf years or 19 - 20 human years.


    Standing at 4'-11" or 5'-4" at the top of her pony tail, Ravossel is a bit shooter then a normal moon elf. Her eyes are a deep silvery blue.  Her eyes are are bright and vibrate when happy and go luckily, to dark and glumly when sad, and depressed. Her roads are a light blue, with a holy symbol of Lurue on the right right side over her hart. Her cape, hand, and foot wrapping are of a much darker blue then her roads. With the darker clothing makes her light blue skin look even paler.    

    Back story:

    (( this back story is a co op between my self, and Praetor. Unfortunately it was not finished be for be Praetor went m.i.a. This is from Ravossel's point of view, and what she saw.))    

    Ravossel, and Paetor were born in a in a elven city known as White wood. White wood was moon elf city located some were on, or near the mountain range knows The spine of the world. The city was home to may moon elfs, along with wood elfs, and many others. The trees that the city is built into are very old, ancient old. There coloring is a  snow white.

    Ravossel's mother was power Druid, at the city know as white wood, and her father was a fames ranger. Being the youngest, and most timid Ravossel stay closely at her mother's side when her older sister Paertor was not out with there dad. Learning how to use the bow,spear, hunt, fish, and the ways of the whiled. While with her mother Ravossel learns the ways of Nature, and the circle of life. Bother Ravossel, and Paertor learned how to take care for, both sick, and wounded animals.

    When Ravossel was at the age of 25 (elf years) Shalala Ravossel's mother's Tiger's name. Gave birth to a  small litter of cubs. Most of them went to Nobel family's. the twin cubs Squeaky, and Doonleen stay with there mother. Ravossel picked Doonleen, while Praetor picked Squeeky.

    Then early one morning jest like many other place thought time and history, White wood was attack ruthlessly by nothing short of a walking dead army/hoard. Both of the parents head out to fight, along with Paertor. Ravossel stayed back to help keep the two cubs calm and safe. Is not long be for the faint mixed smells of blood, steel, smoke, and death leak into there home, and ever one else's homes.

    By mid~morning the elven force has sustained heavy losses along with the loss of there first line of defenses, with the second, and last line getting ready to fall to the walking dead hoard.

    When the doors busted  busted in at Ravossel she thought they were soon going to be slain. But instead it was Praetor her sister with a badly wounded arm. After a quick patch Ravossel  put on her sister's arm, and a mad dash around there house to gather needed supplies. Ravossel grabs her mothers naginata.((type of spear see link)) ((  ))
    Praetor grabs her father's bow.

    After a hard run thought the city of white wood,  jest barely dodging encounters with small groups of the walking dead Ravossel, Doonleen, praetor, and Squeeky finally made it to the shore line of the grate lake. With moats of the boast gone, sunk, but they were able to find a turned over row boat.

    After the lunch of the small row boat, and two days of rowing they finely reach a safe river they can take that leads away from Whit wood city, and down the mountain to the flat lands below. While they were in the small row boat they watch during the day, and night Skye's being chocked out by the smoke, and glow a fiery organ for three days, and four nights, as there home White Wood burns to nothing but ashes.

    The four of us never stayed in one spot for to long, over the nearly countless years. That is until one daywe arrived to the dales were in hopes we can start a  new life to gether, but this is not to be so. After a few months Praetor, and Squeaky go missing, and never been hard from agen, or will they??? In the meen time the only family Ravossel has left is Doonleen. Both her, and Doonleen are never very fare apart, if they for what every resin it's not long be  for there back to gather.

    Because of what happen to her home city, and saw things a child should never have to see. Ravossel tends to stay clear of both the Druid's grove near shadowdale, and the city of song. It can all explain why Ravossel still helps out new Shadowdale wen it comes under attack.

    One very odd thing about Ravossel  a very very odd thing. It's her almost complete lack of controller when it comes her Blackpanther wild shape. At Radom times, at random place poor Ravossel jest shifts into the Blackpanther form, and shift out of the panther forum at random times, and place. Given that she spends so much time in this form a lot of movements are very gracefully, in a feline type of way.

    Will Ravossel, and Doonleen make it to see there next birth day? Or will a untimely demise Meat Ravossel, and Doonleen?

    (( well if there's any questions pleas feel free to send me a pm, or a tell, and I will try my best to answer them.))

    (( Note working , and updating. ))
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    Bio/description of Ravossel Megil'Rangui Empty Re: Bio/description of Ravossel Megil'Rangui

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    Yus more forest people!

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