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    Tel'Corteu Empty Tel'Corteu

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    The Silver Circle
    Tel'Corteu Moravi11

    Races: Surface Elves (non-Drow) and Half-Elves (excluding Half-Drow)
    Classes: Almost any, with the exception of warlocks and necromancers
    Alignments: Any non-evil
    Deities of worship:  Any, though the deities of the Seldarine are preferred
    Enemies: Drow and The Threshold of Dominion
    Allies: Bryn Duraz, elves, and generally anyone non-evil

    Formation of Tel'Corteu

    Spawned from an Elven adventuring party formed over two hundred years ago, Tel'Corteu grew quickly into a profitable mercenary band. What set Tel'Corteu apart from the many other mercenary bands in existence is their depth of arcane knowledge and the skill of their swordsmen. Operating with precision and expertise, Tel'Corteu mercenaries made a name for themselves as dependable, intelligent individuals who got the job done, quickly and cleanly. Tel'Corteu is not to be mistaken for just any other mercenary group that relies on brute force.

    Over the years, Tel'Corteu has positioned itself as a force that advances the interests of elves and acts generally for the good of others. Tel'Corteu takes a wide variety of jobs, though avoids jobs that it deems unworthy. They are known to turn away clients that work too closely with the forces of evil.

    Tel'Corteu functions as both a resource pool and a network of mercenaries, connecting contracts and clients to someone who can fulfill their needs. If one Tel'Corteu mercenary cannot do a job, they are expected (and required) to pass the job along to another member who can.

    Business on the Isle of Ravener

    With the growing forces of evil intent of using the artifacts of the Raveners for their own whims, the mercenary band Tel'Corteu has joined with the forces of Bryn Duraz to prevent these artifacts from falling into the wrong hands. The mercenary company has even gained an entire district of Bryn Duraz, dedicating it to elven residence.

    Rank Structure

    Tel'Corteu is a loosely-structured organization with four levels: recruits, standard members, specialists, and the leader. Specialists are individuals who have risen above the ranks of standard members through a record of excellent service and a demonstration of honed skills.

    I. Leader of Tel'Corteu

    1. High Commander

    II. Specialists

    1. Akhrua (Battle Champion)
    2. Tel'Avathar ("The Shadow", stealth-oriented)
    3. Archmage (arcane magic oriented)
    4. Tel'Ainur ("The Holy One", divine caster oriented)

    III. Standard Members

    1. Keryn (Warrior)
    2. N'Vaelharn (Shadow Soldier)
    3. Faerniir (Acolyte/Mage)
    4. Kerynsuoress (Holy Warrior)

    IV. Recruits

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