Sovereignty of Thay

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    Sovereignty of Thay Empty Sovereignty of Thay

    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 12:22 pm

    The Sovereignty of Thay
    The Red Wizards

    Sovereignty of Thay Symbol_of_the_Red_Wizards

    Races: Humans (No Exceptions)
    Classes: Wizards and fighters (Thayan Knights) only
    Alignments: Any evil or neutral, typically leaning towards evil
    Deities of worship: Any but most commonly Bane, Loviatar, Talona, Velsharoon, Gargauth and Kossuth
    Enemies: Bryn Duraz, the Keepers of the Illuminated Archives especially
    Allies: Dominion


    The Red Wizards of Thay is an organization that has been around for countless generations -  and still holds a secure base of power. They are wizards of abysmal power, vicious traders and slavers, and one of Faerun's most considerable forces. Holding an enclave in every major city, not entierly unlike the Banites, these wizards' power is only outweighed by their lust for magic artifacts and knowledge of the weave - whether it be necromancy, conjuration or divination. Highly specialized in their various spell schools, with one leader for each school, known as Zulkirs, they rule with a strict hirearchy where the most cunning and skilled archmage leads. Not bound to any particular deity, only their lust for power, the Red Wizards are easily recognized not only by their dark Mulani skin and tattoos that cover most of their bodies, including their shaved heads, but also their trained and armored gnolls and body guards, the Thayan Knights. The Red Wizards are a notorious faction known and feared across Faerun.

    The Local Red Wizard Enclave

    With the promises of power, especially the undead activity, an Enclave was quickly formed by the Sovreignty of Thay, led by Khazark Zvalana (of the school of Evocation). She now holds the banner of the Red Wizards in this sinister exploration of the Isles of the Raveners. As they seek their promises of power, their new enclave pays for itself by slave trading, mercantile business and a place in the council, as they are one of the leading powers in The Threshold of Dominion.


    The Red Wizards of Thay have the ultimate power over their chosen Thayan Knights, and are superior to them in every way, rank-wise. Thayan Knight's tattoos are banded in to their heads at an early age, making resisting the magic of their masters impossible. That said, the Red Wizards to not torture or treat their Knights badly. A sort of mutual respect, and the Thayan Knights who who are the rightful rulers.

    Head of the Red Wizards

    • Khazark

    Red Wizard ranks

    1. Magus
    2. Red Wizard
    3. Apprentice

    Warrior Branch Ranks

    1. Blackguard of Thay
    2. Thayan Knight
    3. Initiate


    To put it simply, the Red Wizards crave power: they wish to obtain all of the Raveners' artifacts they can, study them, and use them to further their empire.

    Noteworthy NPCs

    Zvalana, Head of the Local Enclave
    Sovereignty of Thay 25iyfc3

    Age: 35
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class(es): Wizardess/Red Wizard of Thay
    Faith: Kossuth
    Gender: Female
    Name: Zvalana Ashaban
    Race: Human
    Role: Khazark

    Physical Description:

    Possessing dark eyes and an eerie cold smirk, this woman typically wears a cruel, amused expression when peering at someone through small eyeglasses perched on her hawk-like nose. Swirling tattoos of a dragon decorate the bare crown of her head. She wears the robes of a Red Wizard and carries herself proudly. In her right hand, she usually carries a mage-staff.

    Personal History:

    Raised in the nation of Thay, Zvalana was born to a renowned family of wizards. At a young age, she was found to have a talent for evocation magic. Thrown into an academy, Zvalana grew up ambitious, calculating and cold. She quickly rose above many of her classmates in talent. Having an affinity for fire spells, Zvalana worships the Lord of Flames. After a long career as an apprentice, she rose to the position as a full Red Wizard and eventually, Khazark. She wound up on the Isle after the Council of Eight sent her far to the west from Thay to explore and see if any areas contain any valuable artifacts. After hearing of the rich past of the Island of the Raveners, she decided to found an Enclave to try and find these invaluable artifacts. Though, knowing her, it wouldn’t be to bring them back to Thay to share with the other Wizards; Zvalana is no doubt on a hunt for herself and for power.

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