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    Sea Raider Covenant Empty Sea Raider Covenant

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    The Sea Raider Covenant
    Sea Raider Covenant Pirates_storm_at_sea_concept_art

    Races: Any, primarily human.
    Classes: Rogue, Swashbuckler
    Alignments: CN
    Deity of worship: Any
    Enemies: Four Sails Trading Company
    Allies: Onyx Cove and House Despana

    Brief History

    Nobody would say that the pirates of Onyx Cove are an agreeable lot, and any who would have never spent more than five minutes aboard one of their ships. Each ship has it's own captain, and more often than not each captain is concerned only with their own ship. Throughout the ages, this self-preservation mindset has lead to much bickering between the pirates. In fact, they could not even be considered a proper faction until recently.

    When Captain Marina Volker arrived on the Isle of the Raveners several years ago, the pirates of Onyx Cove were bickering and squabbling as they always had. Yet somehow, this rambunctious drunken mariner was able to organize the lot of them into a crude coalition. How exactly she took such swift control of the Cove is unknown; asking those that would know is often met with the adage "Dead men tell no tales".

    These days the pirates are much like they have always been, in a way, and in other ways completely different. Each ship is still captained and crewed, completely independent from each other. And yet when the Pirate King beckons, the Sea Raider Covenant responds in kind.



    1. Onyx Cove
    2. House Despana


    1. Bryn Duraz
    2. The Threshold of Dominion
    3. The Four Sails Trading Company

    Noteworthy NPCs

    1. The Pirate King

      Little is known about the Pirate King, despite that he should not be underestimated. History has shown that he is a cunning man who stops at nothing to get what he wants, something that has led him to control the majority of Onyx Cove.

      Most are unsure of what he looks like - or even what race he is.

    2. Captain Marina Volker
      Sea Raider Covenant I_Totally_Hate_Faces_by_DavidRapozaArt

      Age: 31
      Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
      Classes: Barbarian / Fighter
      Faith: Tempus
      Gender: Female
      Name: Marina Volker
      Race: Human
      Role: Captain

      Only one word is needed to describe Captain Volker: "Terrifying". Built like an Amazon and with a temper like a bull, she rules her Onyx Cove holdings with an iron fist and brute force. She is swift to deal with threats in the most painful way possible, but her crew - The Sea Raider Covenant - are some of the most tightly-knit and loyal bunch the Onyx Cove have ever seen.

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