Keepers of the Illuminated Archive

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    Keepers of the Illuminated Archive Empty Keepers of the Illuminated Archive

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    The Keepers of the Illuminated Archive

    Keepers of the Illuminated Archive 231px-Mystra_symbol_1.svg

    Races: Any, although mostly elven
    Classes: Wizards, Sorcerers, Eldritch Knights and Knights
    Alignments: Any non-evil, although good is preferred
    Deities of worship: Corellon, Azuth, Mystra and all non-evil arcana deities
    Enemies: The Threshold of Dominion, specifically the Red Wizards of Thay
    Allies: Bryn Duraz


    The Keepers of the Illuminated Archive are a group of arcane users based near the center of Bryn Duraz. Founded during Bryn Duraz's establishment by Meriel Tlanbourn, the Keepers seek to find and destroy any artifact left behind by the Raveners. They wish to limit the power of the Threshold of Dominion, especially the Red Wizards of Thay, and gain a more solid foothold on the Island. They are currently led by Meriel Tlanbourn.


    The rank structure of the Keepers consists of two parts: the Vanguards (Eldritch Knights and other Guard types) and the Scholars (Wizards/Sorcerers).  The Vanguards protect the Scholars and serve directly under them, though a Vanguard that has a higher equivalent rank than a Scholar is placed in charge - if there is ever a question of the Chain of Command.  Ultimately, it is led by a mage who progressed through the ranks of the Scholar branch and was chosen to lead by the other Keepers.

    Head of the Keepers

    1. Grand Scholar

    Scholar Ranks

    1. Mentor
    2. Scholar
    3. Adept

    Vanguard Ranks

    1. Commander
    2. Vanguard
    3. Sentinel


    The Keepers of the Illuminated Archive believe the power the Raveners' artifacts hold are far too great for any mortal to use. During their studies of the Raveners' culture, they saw the race as power-hungry and believed the power they sought lead to their corruption - ergo their demise. Strongly believing such power will be abused if left in-tact, a belief reinforced by the presence of the Red Wizards of Thay, they believe all artifacts should be destroyed for the benefit of the races of Toril. Power, after all, corrupts.

    Many also fear the power the Raveners' artifacts hold is a direct threat to the weave, given the many examples of the distorted weave around the isles.


    Being mostly composed of elves from Evermeet, many of its members worship Corellon - but the followers of Myrsta are not far behind. Due to the studious nature of the Keepers, many follow deities like Azuth and Oghma as well. Most evil-aligned deities are outlawed.

    Those allowed to join

    Any wizard or sorcerer that strives to do good or has a studious nature are allowed within the walls of the archive. Any knight that wishes to guard the protectors of magic and knowledge are welcomed as well.

    Noteworthy NPCs

    The Grand Scholar of the Archive
    Keepers of the Illuminated Archive 877_large-1

    Age: 368
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class: Wizard
    Faith: Corellon
    Gender: Female
    Name: Meriel Tlanbourn
    Race: Moon Elf
    Role: Grand Scholar of the Keepers of the Illuminated Archive

    Physical Description:

    Meriel is tall and slim, with silver hair and a stern face around dark blue eyes. This elven woman carries herself with a slightly arrogant stride.  Everything about her appearance, from her clothing to her hair (which never seems a strand out of place) suggests this woman's obsessively clean habits.

    Personal History:

    Meriel traveled to the Isles from Evermeet, where she had spent most of her life as an apprentice to one of the elder wizards. During her studies, she began collecting a vast library of books, which she called her "archive". When traveling to the Isles, Meriel brought her archive aboard the ship, as she had the funds to make a library for it.

    She soon had a following of the greatest minds in Bryn Duraz, who had called her vast collection of knowledge "illuminating," giving her collection of books its nickname: "The Illuminated Archive." This new group began scouring the Isles in search of the Raveners' artifacts they had heard that the Red Wizards were after, with the mindset that the artifacts must be destroyed to keep them out of the wrong hands.

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