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    Iron Aegis Empty Iron Aegis

    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 12:02 pm

    The Iron Aegis
    Orc Mercenaries
    Iron Aegis Edited%20orc%20shield

    Races: Orcs and Half-Orcs
    Classes: Any
    Alignments: Any evil or neutral
    Deities of worship: Typically the Orc Pantheon, especially Gruumsh
    Enemies: Bryn Duraz
    Allies: The Threshold of Dominion, or anyone paying for their services


    The Iron Aegis is a mercenary band of Orcs and Half-Orcs that gained a formidable reputation when their leader, Gujarek, the Soul Cleaver, led his group into the heart of one of the first battles between The Threshold of Dominion and Bryn Duraz. In these battles, the Battle Chieftain came back with the heads of multiple Bryn Duraz commanders. This performance gained them a headquarters out of the slums of Threshold, where they continue to take missions and small protection jobs when offered. The rank structure is somewhat loose, with the majority of the requirements for ranking up being how many jobs each member has completed, and every decision being made by the top ranked group and Battle Chieftain when needed.  The goal of Iron Aegis is to acquire enough gold, by whatever jobs are offered, to expand operations past the limits of the Island.


    The Iron Aegis ranks are gang-like: those of higher ranks are generally proven stronger and more reliable than those below them. The members meet once a month to initiate new members then issue challenges to gain rank.  Fights for rank are never lethal, aside from the challenge for the rank of Battle Chieftain, and are bare knuckle brawls with no healing, magical wards, spells, or armor allowed. New members are put through a process known as "Cannonizing", during which they fight multiple members of the Grunt rank until they are beaten down - this way they gain not only personal respect for their siblings in arms, but respect from those above them. All rank fights happen in full view of every member not currently on a job so that no rules are violated.  If someone attempts to cheat, a spiked club is given to the victim of the cheating and the accused has their head bashed in as a savage execution.

    Head of the Iron Aegis

    1. Battle Chieftain

    Mercenary Ranks

    1. Marauder
    2. Brawler
    3. Grunt

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