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    Holy Covenant Empty Holy Covenant

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    The Holy Covenant
    Servants of Benevolence

    Holy Covenant EveVentrue-8

    Races: All but Drow and Yuan-Ti
    Classes: Mostly Paladins, although clerics, favored souls, knights and monks are accepted as well
    Alignments: Good, preferably Lawful Good
    Deities of worship: Any of a paladin order
    Enemies: The Threshold of Dominion
    Allies: Bryn Duraz


    The Covenant is a large holy order made up of paladins. While followers of the Triad (Torm, Tyr, Ilmater and Helm) are common within the order, other faiths partake within the Covenant as well. As there are both Dwarves and Elves living within Bryn Duraz, paladins of faiths such as Corellon, Moradin and a few others have joined the Covenant. Most that have a “lawful” outlook and strive to do good in the name of their deity are usually accepted into the Covenant.

    Brief History

    Founded by Sarah and Adrian, the two felt a need for an all faith paladin guild. They founded the Covenant within Bryn Duraz, due to the council agreeing it would be a suitable place for them. Ever since, Sarah and Adrian have gone out in search of like-minded members. “Those that have the honor of a knight and a heart of gold will be welcomed within our order.” Healers, favored souls and paladins have all been known to live within the Convent’s Halls.


    Head of the Order

    1. Grand Master

    Paladin Ranks

    1. Knight-Commander
    2. Knight
    3. Page

    Cleric Ranks

    1. High Priest
    2. Priest
    3. Acolyte

    Monk Ranks

    1. Master
    2. Disciple
    3. Student

    Noteworthy NPCs

    Name: Adrian Korsyth
    Race: Aasimar
    Gender: Male
    Faith: Tyr
    Class: Paladin
    Role: Grandmaster of the Covenant

    Physical Description:
      The very presence of this man brings about a sense of strong safety that is well-accompanied by his strongly-angled face and well-groomed beard.  Adrian's stern eyes glow a strong blue, betraying his celestial-touched blood, and his skin is nearly pure white.  His hair is blonde with white streaks through it, tied back neatly to keep it out of his face.

    Personal History:
      Adrian was born the son of two Aasimar paladins of Tyr, and began training to follow in their footsteps by the time he was strong enough to lift a weapon.  He joined the Knights of Holy Judgement when he was eighteen and rose in holy power at a rate that had his mentors struggling to keep the lessons challenging.  The young man was twenty four when he received his first vision of Tyr's Hammer after leading an assault on a Cyricist cult and personally smiting their ringleader.  This vision was enough to earn him a place as the youngest recorded member of the Hammers of Grimjaws, and succeeded in furthering his already zealous faith.
      He was sent to the newly discovered lands in 1350 DR after the Hammers of Grimjaws received word.  The older paladin's mission was originally to preserve justice, but his natural talent for command made him the prime candidate to lead the Covenant after he helped found it.  Adrian has always preferred to be on the front line of all conflicts with the habit of leading by example.
      Now Adrian can often be seen with other political leaders, discussing matters of faith and military tactics.  As the Grandmaster of the Covenant, he is also often found speaking with its members, and serving as a mentor for the young new Tyrran paladins in the area.


    Name: Sarah Gervais
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Faith: Ilmater
    Class(es): Cleric
    Role: Healer of the Covenant

    Physical Description:

    Thin and nearly sickly in appearance, somehow this woman is always smiling with kind green eyes and slightly unkempt red hair.  She has several beaded bracelets and amulets depicting symbols dedicated to Ilmater, and her robes hang loose, though they cover her flesh entirely.

    Personal History:

    Sarah traveled to the Isles after a long childhood of being the outcast in her family in Neverwinter.  Her parents never understood why their daughter, who had a knack for getting ill easily, would want to take the vows of Ilmater and become a healer.  She met with Adrian Korsyth, and helped him with the founding of the Covenant.  The two are said to have extremely close ties, though are not romantically involved in any way.

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