Four Sails Trading Company

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    Four Sails Trading Company Empty Four Sails Trading Company

    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 11:55 am

    The Four Sails Trading Company
    Four Sails Trading Company Foursailstradingcompany

    Races: Predominantly human. No Drow, Orcs or Yuan-Ti.
    Classes: Any
    Alignments: Any, though preferably any lawful
    Deities of worship: Waukeen
    Enemies: The Pirates of the Onyx Cove
    Allies: The Threshold of Dominion

    Company Origins

    Founded in 1348 DR, shortly before the Isles of the Raveners became accessible from behind the wall of storms, the Four Sails Trading Company quickly rose to prominence in the area. The head of the Company, Greitzer Steng, hailed from Luskan, like many traders and seafarers. Originally an innkeeper, Greitzer sold the deed to his land, forcing him to live with his brother Neban, and pitched the idea to numerous others before amassing the coin required to start the company.

    For several years they worked with other, more established trading companies, occasionally delving into less than scrupulous activities. While never resorting to piracy, the Four Sails company often dealt with Amn and Calmshan. Once the wall of storms died out in 1350 DR; however, the company relocated to the newly accessible Isles of the Raveners.

    Greitzer Steng remains the head of the company, acting as it's captain and executive. While occasionally diverting from the law if it benefitting his company, he expects his men to follow orders to a tee. Though not militaristic, the Company acts with a rigid hierarchy, much like any successful corporation.


    The company exists, and has always existed, for one purpose: to make money. It relocated to the isles after it's head, Greitzer Steng, realized the opportunity the isles presented. As of 1373 DR the company is most prominent trade organization on the Isles of the Raveners, working out of the Threshold of Dominion.

    Impact on the Isles

    The company has established itself quickly on the Island, bringing trade and wealth to it from regions all across the Trackless Sea, and even so far away as Waterdeep and Neverwinter - through their trade routes on the mainland. Due to this; however, they have butted heads several times with the pirates harbored in Onyx Cove, notably when they sunk two of their trade ships in 1358 DR. Despite this; however, the company has brought a steady supply of goods and wealth to the city of Threshold.

    Rank Structure

    Head of the Company

    • Captain Greitzer Steng


    1. Executive
    2. Tradesman
    3. Peddler


    1. Lieutenant
    2. Sailor
    3. Deckhand

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