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    Druid's Circle Empty Druid's Circle

    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 11:54 am

    The Druid's Circle
    Nature's Protectors

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    Races: Any (though outcast races may have a difficult time proving themselves to others)
    Classes: Druids, Rangers, Spirit Shamans and Clerics/Favored Souls of Nature Deities
    Alignments: Any non-evil - some form of neutral is preferred
    Deities of worship: Nature Deities, outside of Malar and the Furies
    Enemies: Undead and any that actively destroy / defile nature (usually after warnings to not do so)
    Allies: Those that protect nature and the balance


    With the re-emergence of the Isles of the Raveners comes the renewal of life upon its once-smothered grounds. Nature is a powerful force, and even after such destruction and restraint, the local flora and fauna can already be seen in abundance on the isles.

    As the Isle blossoms, so to does the land's need for the guardianship of those dedicated to the preservation and worship of nature. It is the Druid Circle's task to guard the developing landscape against any and all who wish to misuse, corrupt, or destroy it.


    The Druid's Circle does not have an orderly hierarchy or rank structure, per se. Much like other Circles, this grove has no official ranks beyond that of the Speaker. It is the Speaker's job to serve as a representative and ambassador to outsiders who come to the Circle seeking advice and wisdom.

    Members generally form an unofficial pecking order based on age, wisdom, and druidic power. Members who gain achieve a high level of druidic power, display trustworthy wisdom, and a steady commitment to the Circle may attain the unofficial "rank" of Circle Elder.

    The newest members of the Circle - typically those who have just begun to explore their connection with nature - are sometimes affectionately called "Saplings".

    Regardless of experience, all members of the Circle are treated equally, and each member contributes to discussions and decisions as an equal.

    Important OOC Note

    We at The Isles of the Raveners have taken note that the issue/question of whether a druid can be attracted to the same sex has come up multiple times, across several servers. Because of how common this question is and the varying responses we have seen, we feel it is necessary to address this question up front and from the beginning.

    Here at the Isles, we firmly believe that yes, a druid can be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or fall anywhere else along the sexuality and gender identity spectrum.

    Druids promote all that is natural, and this includes an individual's natural inclination to romantic desires and gender identity. A LGBT druid is simply acting on what is natural for them. The idea that it is a requirement for druids to procreate at some point in their life is being dismissed by us, as well.

    Tolerance for everyone is one of the core aims of our server, and it is with this goal in mind that we make this decision.

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