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    The Black Network
    The Zhentarim and Church of Bane
    Black Network 645_max

    Races: Any willing to serve the Dread Lord
    Classes: Fighters (Especially Blackguards), Rogues (Commonly assassins), Clerics, Wizards and Monks
    Alignments: Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil and Lawful Neutral
    Deity of worship: Bane
    Enemies: Bryn Buraz, Tormites and Cyricists
    Allies: Dominion

    The Black Network and the Zhentarim

    This faction, founded 1261 by Manshoon in the Moonsea region with Zhentil Keep as their stronghold and base of power, has rapidly increased in power and is now lead by none less than Fzoul Chembryl, Banes chosen champion and leader. As one of the most influential, evil and scheming organizations in the world, their interest in power and artifacts is massive. Not only do they field a vast army in the Moonsea regions, they also have underground networks in every major city. Their agents and inqusitors are among the most feared agents in Faerun, and the few times you ever run in to one of them, you probably hadn't the slightest you did. Devout to their diety, cunning and scheming, and not without allies, compared to a lot of evil factions, the Banites are a force to be reckoned with no matter their numbers, as they use fear and tyranny to spread their word and influence.

    The Local Banite Faction

    With the Isles of the of Raveners finally being accessible, and a promise of artifacts powerful enough to control a vast army of undead, the Zhentarim immediately set up a base of power in The Threshold of Dominion. Branching out from the Temple of Bane and barracks at the eastern side of Threshold, Zhentarim guards can be seen at every corner of the city. Over three thousand strong, this is easily the most powerful faction in the city - and one can be certain that the Banites will not rest until they rule the entirety of The Isles of Raveners.

    Rank Structure

    The Banite faction usually consists of three parts, and in some cases four, but as this is a relatively small organization, stealth types and wizards are usually funneled out to to other two factions, especially in a way that lets the Banites keep an eye on the other rival factions, even if they are all part of the same city with a common enemy.

    Head of the Raveners Chapter

    1. High Priest / Priestess

    Church of Bane Ranks

    1. Imperceptor
    2. Black Fang
    3. Deadly Adept
    4. Trusted Servant
    5. Slave

    Brigade of Shadows Ranks

    1. Vigilator
    2. Dread Knight
    3. Vanguard
    4. Sentinel
    5. Recruit

    Mage Ranks

    1. High Dread Magus
    2. Thaumaturge
    3. Dark Magus
    4. Adept
    5. Recruit

    Zhent Terminology

    1. Zhent: A person from Zhentil Keep. Not all Zhents are members of the Zhentarim.
    2. Zhentilar: A defunct term for the military of Zhentil Keep to distinguish them from members of the Zhentarim.
    3. Zhentarim: Can refer to either the organization itself or members of the organization (can be singular or plural).


    Symbol of Bane / The Church of Bane
    Black Network Bane_symbol

    Symbol of the Zhentarim
    Black Network Old_Zhentarim_symbol

    Noteworthy NPCs

    High Priestess Hekate
    Grand Leader of Bane's Presence on The Isles of the Raveners
    Black Network 107953

    Age: 35
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Classes: Cleric & Blackguard
    Faith: Bane
    Gender: Female
    Name: Arila Hekate
    Race: Human
    Role: Head of the Black Network and ruler of Threshold

    Physical Description:

    Arila is a tall woman with a clearly athletic build. Two fierce eyes, emerald eyes seem to be constantly surveying her surroundings - no matter what social situation she is in. Often, her eyes betray any polite mannerisms she seems to possess.

    Her most distinguishing feature; however, is her pure white hair.

    Personal History:

    Considered a genius by her peers, Arila is a master of tactical warfare, economics and - most importantly - religious conversion. Few bring so many to their cause as Arila does, something that has lead to her swift rise in the ranks.

    Hand-picked by Fzoul Chembryl himself, the Threshold of Dominion has quickly befallen her care - something that has, oddly enough, lead to an economic boom in the city.

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