The Rampart

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    The Rampart Empty The Rampart

    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 11:38 am

    The Rampart
    An Ancient Fortress

    The Rampart Tera-11

    City Alignment: True Neutral
    City Layout: ?
    Factions: ?
    Primary Religions: ?
    Races Allowed:  ?
    Ruler: ?
    Target Level: Epic Level Characters


    Seen as a massive, walled city by outsiders, it is known to most as "The Rampart." Not much is known about the city or its inhabitants, as no one can gain access to the fortress - let alone make contact with those that inhabit it.

    Due to the high defenses, the city is rarely attacked. The foolish few that do are struck down by the full might of the city - rarely leaving any survivors.

    Area Design

    The walled city is not only overflowing with magic, it seems to be built entirely with such. It is an awe-inspiring city, especially with all the constructs defending the area.

    The area the Rampart is in is an expansive desert, showing little signs of life. Due to the harsh weather surrounding the Rampart, few even make it to the fortress's walls.

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