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    Onyx Cove Empty Onyx Cove

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    Onyx Cove
    A Place for Criminals, Smugglers, and Life's Castaways
    Onyx Cove Underground_Structure_concept_art

    City Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    City Layout: TBA
    Factions: The Sea Raider Covenant, House Despana, House Mel'viir, and various merchants
    Primary Religions: Any, but typically those who are involved in shady activities.
    Races Allowed:  Any
    Ruler: The Pirate King
    Target Level: Starter Hub


    Hidden away from view under natural camouflage, the cove is sheltered by a rocky shell and only accessible by land through a dark cave tunnel. A single, short dock jutting out into the ocean over a rocky coast is the only thing that hints at the presence of life.

    The residents of Onyx Cove are a diverse group, coming from many walks of life. The one thing they have in common, however, is their desire for a prime spot for shady dealings. Few places on the Isle of Ravener are shadier than Onyx Cove, where pirates, smugglers, drug-dealers, slavers, prostitutes, and all kinds of lowlifes occupy the tavern, streets, and the dock.

    Drow, surprisingly enough, make up a large portion of the residents. A Lolthite House, Mel'viir, and a Vhaerunite house, Despana, have established themselves here as traders.

    Brief History

    The region as it came to be known, however, was formed over the centuries by the surf - from the wall of storms washing against the cliffs on the south side of the island. If any ships had been reckless enough, or so unfortunate as to get attempt to sail through one of the storms, they would have inevitably found themselves shipwrecked on the jagged rocks lining the Cove. In fact, the tumultuous waters around the Cove are home to a veritable cemetery of sunken ships, their crews still prowling the beaches nearby.

    Even after the storms died out in 1350 DR, the waters surrounding the flooded cave mouth known as "Onyx Cove" remained unforgiving. Most ships gave the area a wide birth, preferring to make port on the island's safer shores. This, however, made the region ideal for those who wanted to keep their settlement hidden and protected.

    And so the Cove was settled by those unwanted by most of society: Drow, pirates, scoundrels and vagabonds. The Cove quickly became a bustling haven for those that wished to keep a low profile - or even be forgotten. A den of prostitution and indulgence, those seeking items and substances unavailable in other parts of the island typically turn to the Cove. Rumor has it that the merchants of the Cove are able to procure practically anything.


    The city, in truth, only has one rule: do not disrupt trade. All in the city benefit highly from the flow of coin -- and those that disrupt the trade are dealt with, harshly, by the locals. The pirates are the largest group, and they bring in the most coin, raiding the Four Sails Trading Company's ships to the west.

    Even directly opposing factions, such as the two Drow houses, begrudgingly tolerate one another due to mutual benefit -- and the fact that their presence is only tolerated, so long as they do not cause issues for the city.

    This; however, has just kept their plotting to the shadows. From time to time, a local Drow will simply disappear... and never be heard from again.


    Allies of the City:

    1. The Sea Raider Covenant
    2. House Despana
    3. House Mel'viir

    Hostile to the City

    1. Bryn Duraz
    2. The Four Sails Trading Company
    3. The Threshold of Dominion

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