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    Post by DM Felicity on September 13th 2014, 11:25 am

    For The Isles of the Raveners

    Although most of these people are no longer working on the server, I felt it was important to make their hard work known. Without them, the server would not be possible, and their work was greatly appreciated.

    Building Team

    1. Akadi
    2. Causa
    3. Felicity
    4. Lustabel
    5. Glitterbomber
    6. Sight
    7. Siren Song

    Scripting Team

    1. Enigma
    2. Felicity
    3. Lustabel

    Writing Team

    1. Akadi
    2. Blitz
    3. Doom
    4. Elimist
    5. Felicity
    6. Glitterbomber
    7. Hasher115
    8. Kelemvor
    9. Maiden of Loss
    10. Noc
    11. Oy
    12. Sight
    13. Siren Song
    14. Ulysses

    For The Isles of the Raveners

    This is the list of content used from Neverwinter Night's 2's community. With all of their hard work, credit is absolutely due!


    1. ACME Full Metal Packet by ACME Studios
    2. Arsan Hood by Arsan
    3. Daggerknight's Dragon Pack 1
    4. DMCB: Yeoman of the Greenwood by Barrel of Monkeys and RunnerDuck
    5. Ixion's Vagabond Pack


    1. Big Hair Pack (24 hairstyles) by Krighaur
    2. Elf heads by Miss Onatopp
    3. Hair Extensions by Barrel of Monkeys
    4. Oblivion to NWN2 by glee
    5. Plastic surgery head pack by Eressil
    6. Xaltar's Custom Head Pack


    1. Kaedrin's PRC Pack
    2. PC Tools by Heed
    3. XP Craft by Carter DC


    1. BCK II by Nytir
    2. BCK v2.1 by Nytir
    3. City HAK by Tupoun
    4. Heed's Boardable Ships
    5. Various Placeables by RWS

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