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    Our Mission Statement Empty Our Mission Statement

    Post by DM Felicity on September 6th 2014, 2:48 am

    Our Mission Statement
    And How We Plan To Stick To it

    I. A Dynamic World

    In storytelling, staticness is blandness. To keep a story interesting, things must change -- that is why, on Isles of the Raveners, our DM team is focused solely on in-game events.

    We want this change to come from the players and the outcome of the events they are in. That is why, when a change might occur (such as a building or area being destroyed), the DM team will communicate in advance with the Builder team -- then put the destroyed version of the area in later or not, depending on the outcome of the event.

    Factions can grow in power, but not how they have typically done so in player worlds. It is not the ones with the most friends on staff, nor the ones with the best PVP builds -- it is the most tactical and cunning groups of players that will be more rewarded.

    II. An Inclusive Server

    Our server is in a custom location in the Forgotten Realms. We did this on purpose, to be able to include any faction the players might be interested in.

    We also promise to never ban certain faiths, in lore, or factions from being roleplayed. We will deal with players causing problems, not restrict certain types of roleplay.

    III. Transparency

    No more hidden staff activity. We want you, the players, to know what we are up to -- that is why we will be creating a Builder's log, detailing what builder is currently working on what, as well as a DM log -- detailing what events were ran, by who, and for what group of players.

    This way, the players know just what is occurring around the server -- and we, the staff, can more readily identify problem areas (such as when one faction is getting too much attention, and another is getting none).

    When someone is banned or kicked off of staff, we will list why to the public, so that they can see our true reasoning behind such decisions. For this, we have our administrators to keep us in line (who are essentially our PR people).

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