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    Server Rules Empty Server Rules

    Post by DM Felicity on September 5th 2014, 8:59 pm

    Server Rules

    1. Harassment and Griefing

      Harassment and griefing, or hostile behaviour intended to disturb or upset, is simply unacceptable. If you feel you are being harassed, first ask the other player to stop. If that does not work, and the behaviour continues, please send a PM to staff with a screenshot of the harassment.

      Repeated harassment or griefing of another player is a bannable offense.

    2. Stay In-Character

      The Isles of the Raveners is a roleplaying server. With that in mind, please stay in-character at all times. This means immersing yourself into your character's mindset and acting as he or she would act.

      We are well aware that people will want to, at times, communicate out-of-character in a public channel. We ask that this is kept to a minimum, as well as a prefix is used to separate the OOC talk from IC talk.

      For example, prefixes such as: // text; (( text )); \\ text; or anything else easily recognizable, may be used to separate OOC from IC talk.

    3. No Metagaming or Godmodding

      Metagaming is using out-of-character knowledge, in-character. Such information can be a using character's name-tag (when they have not told you their name), using information from a biography on the forums, or anything similar.

      Godmodding is essentially roleplay without the realistic boundaries of the setting or the game's mechanics. For example, walking up to another player and emoting that you character breaks their arm, instantly, is godmodding. An example of a proper way to conduct such a situation would be to use opposing strength rolls - and, if your character wins, then emote they break their arm.

    4. Character Creation

      Characters must be of adult age, as is appropriate by their race's culture. For example, all humans must be at least 18 years of age, and all elves must be at least 120 years of age. No child characters are allowed.

      Further, a character may not be created with a high rank in the server's existing organizations (for example, the High Priest of Bane). Ranks and organizations, typically, must be roleplayed into. By extension, character's may not have titles in their names, such as Lord, Lady, Magus, High Priest, etc.

      Color UI overrides are allowed as long as they are used sensibly (characters should not have unrealistic colors for their race).

    5. Exploitation of Mechanics or Bugs

      If you encounter a bug, please screenshot it and submit it to the "Bugs" forum. Please do not exploit the bug to your advantage. Repeated exploitation is a bannable offense.

    6. Mature Content

      The Isles of the Raveners is an 18+ server. This means, mature content will be present from time to time - such as gore, sexually explicit content, and so on. This is not the focus of the server; however, and if such roleplay makes a player uncomfortable, they are allowed to ask other players to tone it down. The roleplay does not have to stop, but if a player requests the graphicness of roleplay to be toned down, other players must abide by their request.

      Similarly, ERP should be kept to tells. ERP is not illegal, but some players and DMs do not want to stumble upon people in an ERP session.

    7. Build Rules

      While absurd concepts, such as a Drow Paladin of Lathander, will be frowned upon (and for lore absurdity we might ask players to rebuild), there are very few official build rules.

      The only build rules are:

      1. You must have a minimum of 5 cleric levels by level 20 (Practiced Spellcaster does not count) if you pick Cleric as a base class.

      2. You must have a minimum of 3 Shadowdancer levels by level 20, if you take the class.

      3. The Monk / Druid class combo is not allowed.

      4. Forest Masters can only have Silvanus as their patron deity.

      5. Stormlords can only have Talos as their patron deity.

      6. Clerics are expected to choose a domain of their deity. If you do not know which domains the deity has, you can find the official list on the forums. Players that do not pick proper domains will be given a rebuild, generally for half of their current XP.

    8. Always Play Your Character Sheet

      Roleplayers must roleplay what is on their character sheet. For example, if your character sheet says "Human," you may not roleplay as if your character was a Half-Nymph - or anything else along those lines. If your sheet says "Human," then your character is human.

    9. PVP

      1. You must have an in-character reason to initiate PVP.

      2. Absolutely no PVP should happen for OOC reasons. This can be considered griefing and is a bannable offence.

      3. If a character in PVP flees (transitions to a new area), the PVP is considered over. You are not allow to chase a player through multiple area transitions for PVP.

      4. The results of PVP are victor's rules: they can decide to kill your character, knock them unconscious and have them suffer memory loss (forgetting the entire PVP encounter), or to let them go. It is up to the victor.

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