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    Staff Structure Empty Staff Structure

    Post by DM Felicity on September 5th 2014, 8:47 pm

    I. The Three Groups of Staff

      These are the three groups of staff. It is recommended for departments to not cross responsibilities, but people can, if desired.

      1. Administrators
      2. Builders
      3. DMs

    II. Administrators

      Administrators are responsible for enforcing rules, reviewing player applications, reviewing player requests, and handling player complaints. Essentially, they ensure the forum and community work in a fast, friendly manner.The Head Administrator serves as the PR person of the server and ensures the administrative team  stays on task.

    III. Builders

      Builders are the content generators: they create new areas, script, balance server mobs, handle bugs, and ensure the server is operating in a smooth manner.The Head Builder decides what content should  be created or changed -- and then assigns builders to the task. They are also responsible for updating a list of what content is currently being worked on, for the public to see.

    IV. DMs

      Dungeon Masters focus on the server's story. They do this by running events, increasing immersion, and looking for ways to enhance roleplay. They focus on responding to player roleplay and bringing about server change through it.The Head DM focuses on creating server-wide plots and ensuring all factions/guilds receive equal focus from the DM team. To do this, they are responsible for making a list of what DM events have occurred, for the public to see.

    V. The Heads

      Each group has a head. These three heads work in collaboration for major server decisions, such as creating rules and policies. All three hold equal say and a two out of three vote is needed for decisions.

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